Ski à la carte with
Holiski Serre Chevalier
and enjoy exclusive benefits !


  • Discounted ski rates
  • Avoid queues at the ski pass desk
  • Only pay for the days you ski
  • Loyalty days for just 1 €
  • Ski across 8 areas with just 1 card

  • Permanent discount

    Enjoy a permanent discount on the daily adult ski rate with your Serre Chevalier Holiski card.

  • Direct access to the slopes

    With « ski à la carte » technology, you can bypass the queues and get straight on the slopes. Thanks to its embedded microchip, your card works just like an automatic toll payment badge. Every time you use the ski lift, your card is registered and your ski days are recorded.

  • Only pay for the days you’ve skied

    At the end of each month, a bill is produced from your personal account for you to check and print. The « my ski days » section lets you instantly track the number of days you’ve skied. At the beginning of the following month, these ski days are then deducted from the bank account used at the time of subscription.

  • Your loyalty rewarded

    The more you use your ski card, the more 1€ ski days you’ll have: specifically, pay just 1€ for the 9th, 14th, 19th and 24th… days you ski in the season in the resort of your choice!

  • Discounted rates in 8 exceptional ski areas

    With your Serre Chevalier Holiski card, you can bypass the queues and enjoy direct access to 8 exceptional ski areas from the ski à la carte network. Just show your card at the ski lift departure point, the sensor will register your details and give you instant access to each ski area visited. You’ll also enjoy a reduction on the daily adult ski rate from a minimum of 15% throughout the season to 25% on Saturdays depending on the area!

  • 15% reduction in partner resorts

    Your Serre Chevalier Holiski card entitles you to a 15% reduction on the price of a daily ski pass in 3 other ski network partner areas. Note that in these areas you will need to go to one of the ski pass desks as usual.

  • Refer friends

    You know other fans of great skiing in freedom? Let them know about the Ski à la Carte. For every friend (e) registered (e) through your recommendation, you get a discount, deducted from the bill of your favorite station, the following month.
    Your godson will benefit of a discount on membership fees.

    In addition, this sponsorship can snowball: Every skier registered simultaneously at the first card application on behalf of your friend makes you earn a referral bonus.
    Example: My godson subscribe 3 memberships for him, his wife and child, I enjoye three bonuses.

    Want to sponsor? Go to your personal area, “My referrals”.

Ski à la carte Network

A real multi-resort passport !

No waiting – Visit 8 of the largest Alpine resorts with just one card and uncover the rich secrets of each ski region:

Accessibles from 11 resorts, these areas are some of the most stunning in the French Alpine arc. Their altitude guarantees snow cover for skiers who can also enjoy high performance, high comfort equipment and extraordinary ski and snowboard terrains.

3 Tarentaise ski network partner resorts…

This winter, discover other Tarentaise ski areas!

Just showing your card entitles you to a 15% discount on the price of a daily adult ski pass (public price including all taxes). Note that you will need to go to the ski pass desk to purchase your pass as these resorts are not yet equipped with Holiski technology.


  • Membership

    How much does it cost to join?
    18-64 yrs Children < 18 yrs Seniors citizens > 64 yrs
    29 € 0 € * 15 €

    * free membership with the purchase of at least one adult membership (18-64 yrs) on the same account

    ATTENTION : children under 6 yrs, and whose parents are Holiski Serre Chevalier members, can enjoy a free season pass. Please refer to our skipass desks to get one (requested documents : children proofs of age + adults’ Holiski Serre Chevalier skipass).

  • Ski days

    How much does it cost to ski for the day in Serre Chevalier?
    Dates Saturday Sunday From Monday to Friday
    from 05/12/2020 to 06/12/2020 23.00 € 23.00 €
    from 12/12/2020 to 18/12/2020 33.00 € 33.00 € 36.10 €
    from 19/12/2020 to 01/01/2021 45.40 € 41.00 € 45.40 €
    from 02/01/2021 to 05/02/2021 41.00 € 41.00 € 45.40 €
    from 06/02/2021 to 05/03/2021 41.00 € 45.40 € 45.40 €
    from 06/03/2021 to 02/04/2021 41.00 € 41.00 € 45.40 €
    from 03/04/2021 to 18/04/2021 21.50 € 21.50 € 36.10 €

    Super promo :
    –  on saturday and sunday, January 16 & 17, 2021 : €32.00 / day
    – on saturday and sunday, January 23 & 24, 2021 : €32.00 / day
    – on saturday and sunday, April 3 & 4, 2021 : €21.50/ day
    – on saturday and sunday, April 10 & 11, 2021 : €21.50/ day
    – on saturday and sunday, April 17 & 18, 2021 : €21.50/ day

    How much does it cost to ski for the day in other areas?

    Click here to see the daily ski rates for the ski à la carte network member and partner areas .

Our answers to your questions

  • Subscriptions

    How much does the subscription cost ?

    The subscription for adults (18-64 years old) costs €29 per year.
    Its free for juniors (less than 18 years) purchased in conjunction with at least 1 adult subscription (18-64 years old) and at reduced rate, €15, for seniors citizens (65 years and over).

    How can I cancel my subscription?

    If you dont want your subscription to be renewed, you can cancel it from your account( My subscriptions, Modify my skiers).

    I dont ski myself but I want to take out a subscription for my children. Is that possible?

    Of course ! The subscriber does not have to actually use the pass.

    Is it possible to withdraw my subscription?

    In application of article L121-16-1 I 9° of the French Consumer Code, the subscription (and services) is not subject to the application of a right of withdrawal provided for in articles L121-21 et seq. of the French Consumer Code regarding distance selling.

    How do I pay my invoices?

    Subscriptions / services and ski days have to be paid with bank card (you have to fill in for the annual subscription).
    Make sure your bank card is always available. Dont forget to update your bank details if necessary, in your account (My personal Details, Modify my bank card).

    I would like to add a subscription on my account.

    You can subscribe up to 10 people on your own account. Go to your account, My subscriptions, Add skiers.

    How long my subscription is valid?

    The subscription offers you to access on the Ski à la Carte network’s ski areas during Autumn and Winter season, from October to May (take a look at each resorts website to know opening days).
    The subscription has to be renewed by tacit agreement at October 1st, every year.
    The subscriber will be informed at least 1 month before the expiry date of his Subscription(s).

    Where can I find the Ski à la Carte Standard Terms and Conditions of Subscription?

    You can download the file on the order form (step 5 “Summary”) and on the website, section “Standard Terms and Conditions of Subscription” (at the bottom of the webpage).


    Do I need a new skipass each year?

    Your card will not be changed as long as your subscription is not cancelled.

    Do I need a photo on my skipass?

    No, the pass is non-transferable but it just features the surname and first name of its holder.

    How to get my card ?

    2 different ways :

    • By post (cost: €3). The sending of the skipasses will start in October. During Winter, even though your skipass will be printed within 24 hours of your request, you should allow 3 days for it to be delivered in France, at least one week if you are outside France.
    • From the resort (take a look at each resorts website to know opening hours).
    I have lost my skipass. Do I need to cancel it?

    If your pass is lost or stolen, you need to cancel it so that your pass(es) cannot be used by anyone else. There are two ways of doing this:

    • Online by going to your account.
    • By phone on +33 (0)4 92 25 55 04

    You can use our website to replace one or more passes that you have already cancelled.
    The cost of a replacement pass is €4 per card.
    Just go to your account.

    My pass doesnt work and seems to be faulty. What should I do?

    Please go and visit one of our « Ski à la Carte » points of sale in the resorts.


    Do I need the Carré Neige Liberté insurance for all the skiers I subscribed?

    For each of the subscribed skiers, it’s up to you whether you opt for the Carré Neige Liberté insurance option when you request your skipass(es). Obviously, if you already have insurance, there is no point in subscribing to this again.

    Can I subscribe to Carré Neige Liberté insurance in the middle of season?

    Yes, of course. Log on your account and go to section My subscriptions, Modify my skiers.
    The insurance will be renewed with the subscription, on following october 1st.

    How much does Carré Neige Liberté insurance cost?

    It is also very reasonably priced at only €19 per year per skier. The insurance is renewed by tacit agreement on October 1st, every year, with the subscription(s).

    Can I cancel an insurance?

    Yes, if you didnt ski yet.
    Send a mail to our Customer Department

    Where can I find the Carré Neige Liberté Standard Terms of Insurance?

    You can download the file on the order form (step 5 « Summary ») and on the website, section « Standard Terms and Conditions of Subscription »(at the bottom of the webpage).

    Can I receive my invoices by post?

    Yes, you can use this additional service, which is billed at a supplement of €25 a year.


    How are my ski days invoiced?

    Your visits to each of the ski areas in the “ ski à la carte ”network are recorded as days you skied on the RFID chip inside your pass.
    Then, between 5th and 10th of the following month, the total amount you owe for the days you skied as well as for the days the skiers subscribed on your account skied, is debited from the bank card you used to pay for your annual subscription(s).
    Note that you will receive 1 invoice for each visited ski area in the period.
    At the end of each month if you have skied, e-mail alerts you that your bill is available.

    How do I pay for the days I have skied?

    With your pass, each month you will pay for the days you and each of the skiers subscribed on your account skied without having to do anything at all. Between 5th and 10th of the month, the right amount is always debited from the bank card you used to pay for your subscriptions.
    Make sure your bank card is always valid. You can update your bank details logging on your account (My personal details, Modify my bank card ).

    Is there a different price for adults and children?

    “ Ski à la Carte ”ski areas propose their own prices!
    Pour connaitre les différents tarifs possibles, reportez-vous au simulateur de tarifs que vous trouverez sur chaque page Stations.Go on to check the different prices.

    Are there other advantages to having this skipass?

    Yes, occasionally you will benefit from promotional days in some resorts. These offers are advertised on our website or will be sent out by email.


    How does my personal space work?

    Your personal space on the website is the place where all the information about your account is recorded. You can access this space at any time by entering your email address and the password you chose when you ordered your pass(es). Here you can find :

    • Your personal information and information on the subscribed skiers
    • My tribe (subscribe new skiers, insure new skiers)
    • The days you have skied: a reminder of the place and date of the days you have skied, invoices, payments etc.
    • People you have recommended (add new recommendations, monitor your benefits)
    • Your exclusive special offers in the ski areas.

    Any other information concerning your bank or personal details (address, password) can be updated in your account.
    You can also contact our Customer Department by phone +33 (0)4 92 25 55 04 or by email

    I cant remember my password. How can I get it sent to me again?

    When you sign in to your account, click on “Forgotten your password?”. An email will be sent to you. Click on the link (this link could be used once and is only available 24 hours) and change your password.

    How does the sponsorship work?

    Its a simple! When your friend, you have sponsored, subscribe and order a skipass in the same ski area as you, he/she indicates your email and gets a special discount on his/her subscription.
    You will get a discount off your ski days on your favorite ski resort, invoiced the month following your friends subscription.
    Furthermore, sponsorship has a snowball effect: each skier registered on your friends account brings in sponsorship bonus!
    You can access a list of all the people you have recommended, how many subscriptions have been taken out and the total amount of bonus you earned, in your account, on the website.
    The sponsorship bonuses are available for only the current season .